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Most photos of small terrestrial mammals submitted to Canberra Nature Map for identification that were photographed in the Canberra suburban area are of a Black Rat (Rattus rattus).  The next most likely species is the House Mouse (Mus musculus). Outside the city, at present, photos of Black Rats outnumber all other small mammal photos combined. However you may have found something different.  Here are some tips for what to include in your photos to increase the potential for correct identification:

  • An image that is sharp, not blurry;
  • A scale;
  • A view of the whole animal (preferably stretched out if it is a carcass);
  • Views of every surface -  (not always possible but ideally this includes a profile of the head, good views of the ears, the belly, the pads on the hind feet, and a good view of the fur and  skin on the tail from below and above);
  • Views of the teeth; and
  • A count of the number of teats.

4 species

Phascogale calura (Red-tailed Phascogale)

Phascogale calura
Phascogale calura
Phascogale calura
Phascogale calura

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Small Marsupials

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