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Stagonopleura oculata (Red-eared Firetail) at Naturaliste, WA by Harrisi
Andersonia caerulea (Foxtails) at Kalgan, WA by MattM
Pterostylis recurva (Jug Orchid) at suppressed by MattM
Setonix brachyurus (Quokka) at Rottnest Island, WA by AaronClausen
Stylidium tenue (Little Fountain Triggerplant) at Amelup, WA by natureguy
Kunzea montana (Mountain Kunzea) at Undefined Area by natureguy
Dampiera linearis (Wedge-leaved Dampiera) at Amelup, WA by natureguy
Darwinia squarrosa (Fringed Mountain Bell) at Undefined Area by natureguy
Dampiera hederacea (Karri Dampiera) at Tingledale, WA by natureguy
Leucopogon verticillatus (Tassel Flower) at Tingledale, WA by natureguy
Hovea elliptica (Tree Hovea) at Tingledale, WA by natureguy
Chorizema ilicifolium (Holly Flame Pea) at Tingledale, WA by natureguy
Macropus fuliginosus (Western grey kangaroo) at suppressed by natureguy

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5 Feb 2023

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NatureMapr iOS/iPhone 4.2.1 update live23 Feb 2023

Major support from ACT Government Connecting Nature, Connecting People project21 Feb 2023

New WA regions available18 Feb 2023


michaelb wrote:
1 Mar 2023
Hi Aaron. Each month I have been going around all the projects to get the latest stats. This is a low priority, but there are 13 sightings on Sth West W.A. Nat Map, but the stats page as of today says there are 101. No rush.

Setonix brachyurus
Harrisi wrote:
20 Feb 2023
Stagonopleura oculata or Red-eared firetail.
I could have sworn I put a whole swag of WA sightings up when WA became available for WA a while back?? None seem to have been preserved with the latest regional separation.

Stagonopleura oculata
AaronClausen wrote:
9 Feb 2023
I don't think so. We need to split up WA and NT into all the regions soon. I.e. Kimberly, Pilbara etc

Setonix brachyurus
9 Feb 2023
No listing for Quokka?

Setonix brachyurus
natureguy wrote:
13 Dec 2022
Again, pretty sure this is Kunzea recurva but I would really like to see the leaves.

Kunzea sp. (TBC)
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